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An extremely lightweight web CMS with simple admin oriented around saving and serving content for URI paths and hierarchy, built on PHP and MySQL. Ideal for simple personal and business websites with an emphasis on speed and performance, minimal overhead and maximum developer control. Also allows direct exporting to static HTML and supports parallel dev/staging server operation to generate paths and URLs correctly when exporting for production. Run it live directly or use in a staging environment to then export static HTML for improved speed, performance and security.


Interactive, fuzzy-searchable "cheat sheet style" knowledgebase for getting things done in Linux - perfect for users old and new - packed with reference and education to help you learn and understand what you're doing in the process. Man pages and documentation are sometimes overwhelming, especially when you're new to something and don't know what anything means. Instead of resorting to blog tutorials, forum posts, stackoverflow pages and outdated versions of documentation, type a few characters to find and then follow the wiki-style guide to learn, understand and accomplish what you're trying to do, gaining the prerequisite background knowledge along the way!

Welcome ~/

Get acclimated and learn the basics of your new desktop home! Designed specifically to help people coming from a conventional commercial desktop OS quickly get acclimated and comfortable, this guide is designed to make you feel right at home in your new Linux-based desktop. Learn where things are located, how to get answers when you need them, and avoid as much unnecessary frustration and confusion along the way.


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